Neurodiversity Family Global Challenge to Stress Less & Love More in 2023

We believe in inclusivity, so all parents & caregivers are welcome to join!

Why is it important to

Stress Less &

Love More?

Reason 1

When we experience high levels of stress, our relationships become strained & stressed as well. When we better manage our stress, the door opens to creating more positive & loving connections with those around us.

Reason 2

Our children (especially our sensitive ones) feel our emotions. When we are overwhelmed or discontent, even when we say we are OK, our body and emotional energy tell a different story. What emotional energy do you want to share with your child, frustration, guilt, sadness or courage, gratitude, acceptance, & love?

Reason 3

When we are stressed & not taking time to care for ourselves, we are more prone to handling challenging parenting moments with frustration & resentment rather than the love & compassion our children need.

My Story

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about your host and why she feels this movement for parents to approach each day with more joy & less stress mindfully is critical for the health & wellbeing of all families.

3-Steps to Stress Less & Love More

The first step towards changing anything is awareness, so we will start by looking inward at our parenting triggers & stressors.

The second step is to develop a healthy mindset because an unchecked mind can make a difficult situation even more challenging.

The last step is to elevate our emotional energy by examining ways to shift from a state of depletion to renewal.

Change is better when done together. Would you like to join us?

This event is over, but you can watch the replay where I share with you three simple yet effective practices to create less stress & deepen the loving connection between you & your child.

Your Facilitator

Dr. Elizabeth Joy Shaffer

Pediatric Occupational Therapist | International Speaker | Mother Mindfully Managing Neurodiversity | Published Researcher | Educator

I have holistically supported families worldwide since 2001, drawing from both professional & personal experiences with neurodiversity, parenting, & child development.